Wardrobe snacks by Kelsey McClellan

Photographer Kelsey McClellan and photography stylist and collage artist Michelle Maguire illustrate American food culture in this wonderfully monochrome series of elegant snacking.

Both native to Ohio, Kelsey and Michelle have worked together on several projects. Their series Wardrobe Snacks was inspired by the pragmatic and sometimes awkward procedure of taking your lunch without the luxury of having a table.

“my stepdad who rests his sandwich on his thigh (hell with a plate!) in between bites while he blasts an action movie on his TV; a commuter cramped up on a crowded bus retrieving an item from a bag or pocket; a lunch-breaker on a park bench eating from her lap. They’re informal — perhaps even a bit awkward — spaces as far as eating is concerned, yet the diner always appears to be comfortable and perfectly satisfied with their chosen snack, almost zen-like.”

Both have a thing for photographing food, a common theme in their series. Kelsey used to photograph ice cream for a living, eventually consuming so much of it that it turned ice cream into a meltic plastic mass for her without any food appeal. What turns Wardrobe snacks into such a mesmerizing series is the monochrome composition of the photos in an all out 1970s pastel color palette. Combining 70s-prom-tuxedo-blue, velvet-pimp-purple and scotsdale-summer-brown attire with their snack counterpart, such as bright orange factory cheese, gives visually stunning and elegant portraits of an everyday snack break.

Kelsey on instagram – @kelseyemc

Michelle on instagram – @pandahandler 


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